Defensive Growth Portfolio

Defensive Growth Portfolio


The Defensive Growth Portfolio is presently invested in the following asset classes:

U.S. Government Treasury Bonds – with emphasis on 10-30-year maturities
(Primarily ETF’s and Mutual Funds for trading and liquidity)*

Precious Metals – Gold and Silver
(Primarily ETFs and Closed End Mutual Funds – which track price indexes and own physical assets)*

Managed Futures Funds
Managed futures programs generally take long or short positions in futures contracts, offered on exchanges worldwide. The strategies and approaches within managed futures are extremely varied, but the one common, unifying characteristic is that these managers trade highly liquid, regulated, exchange-traded instruments and foreign exchange markets. Fund Managers will often invest in a portfolio of futures contracts consisting of:

  • Fixed income futures, such as U.S. treasury notes or treasury bonds.
  • Stock index futures, such as S&P 500 futures or Russell 2000 futures
  • Commodity futures, such as soybean, crude oil, coffee, sugar and gold futures
  • Foreign currency futures, such as Euro FX, British pounds and yen

*ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) track major indexes including longer maturity U.S Treasury Bonds, precious metal prices and stock market indexes. The reason for using ETFs is they can be rapidly traded.

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All investment portfolios need to have priorities. These priorities are best defined by an honest appraisal by the investor and their advisor. What do you need your money to do for you? Time horizons, risk tolerance and individual preferences all must be considered.

Some investors want their accounts to grow and appreciate for their future. Some of our retired investors want a more income-oriented portfolio that distributes income with very low volatility. Others prefer a mix of the two approaches.

Whatever the priorities are, our firm can help those financial goals become reality.


Objective: Capitalize on market volatility with optimal diversification to protect against loss.

Drawdown guidelines designed to protect principal using an active trading protocol, in which assets are monitored daily.

Sample Asset Classes:

·        U.S. Government Treasury Bonds
·        Precious Metals (Gold & Silver)
·        Managed Futures – Trade in liquid markets including Bonds, S&P 500, commodities & currency.

Goal:  to outperform over the rest of the current economic cycle.


Objective: Invest in a diversified portfolio of assets and funds that can generate dividends, interest, or distributions.

Portfolio fund selection can be tailored to investor risk and volatility tolerance.

Sample Asset Classes:

·        Fixed Income / Bonds
·        Utilities
·        Infrastructure
·        Real Estate

Goal: to provide distributions consistently that may be used for income or re-invested.