Retirement Income Planning

This is a service we are passionate about. Financially speaking, a good blueprint for retirement income is possibly the most important plan you will make.

We can help a great deal in this area. We create an “inventory” of assets, income sources, expenses and other variables for income needs and financial forecasting. We will take this information, input it and let the software do its work.

This process will help you get the answers to important questions:

  • How long will my money last at different withdrawal rates?
  • What is the realistic amount of income I/we can take?
  • What if I work part time vs. not working?
  • What if I retire now or 3 years from now?
  • What if there is another 2008 market meltdown?
  • What about inflation? Taxes?
  • What is a realistic rate of return to forecast?
  • What if I take social security early? What if I wait?
  • What sequence should I use my assets to provide income such as; IRA, Roth IRA, 403b, SEP, Annuities?

The purpose of this process is to help you get the answers you need to make the best decisions for your lifestyle and longevity time horizon.

Income needs can be categorized in many ways. One way is to identify the amount of income you need to cover the “essential” or necessary needs. For most people these include housing, transportation, insurance, food, taxes, medical, etc.

In summary, retirement income planning is critical if you have limited resources. The independently wealthy can avoid this exercise, but the rest of us are well served to do it. We feel so strongly about this, we made this part of our services and do not charge for it. We just lump it in to our normal fees.

More reasons for retirement income analysis and planning:

  1.  A good retirement plan sheds light on the most appropriate way to invest your money.
  2. Once you have a comprehensive and realistic plan, you can have much more financial comfort and peace of mind   regarding your retirement.
  3.  In the process of making this plan, you will see how we think about your money.  This makes it an important, free "trial run" of our services.



About Richard

Richard began his financial services career as an advisor in the Monterey Bay region of California, where he used Efficient Set Theory to create and manage institutional investment portfolios.

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About Jeff

Jeff is a specialist in the field of retirement security planning, with over 30 years of experience in the financial services industry. A cornerstone of his philosophy is an emphasis on safe investing strategies.

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