Opening page- We assume that by your investigation and research of investment advice and management you would like to know what services the advisor offers and how you might benefit by using them.

There are 3 areas that you can review.

From our background these are the services we are qualified for and excel in the work we do for our clients. The personal financial ecosystem boils down to taking the money resources you own and getting the best experience for yourself and family out of it. We do that in simplistic terms by:

Investing wisely, protecting principal from unnecessary risk, making plans of how to use assets for the long term and making sure you will have adequate income when you are not working.

If there is something you specifically need not covered in the website please let us know.

About Richard

Richard began his financial services career as an advisor in the Monterey Bay region of California, where he used Efficient Set Theory to create and manage institutional investment portfolios.

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About Jeff

Jeff is a specialist in the field of retirement security planning, with over 30 years of experience in the financial services industry. A cornerstone of his philosophy is an emphasis on safe investing strategies.

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