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At Secure Retirement we do all of our own research. Over the last 17 years our President, Richard Morey, has done in-depth study of the world's most successful investors. Having read the thoughts of hundreds and hundreds of so-called experts, we have discovered approximately a dozen investors and economists who have outstanding track records and the ability to think independently. We cannot overestimate the value of truly independent thought in relation to investment success. If you study the ideas presented daily by all of the major Wall Street investment firms, you will find they basically all say the same thing nearly every day: “Stocks are either fairly priced or cheap, the economy is improving, and no extraordinary risks are on the horizon.” This was their mantra in 2000, right before stocks lost nearly half of their value, and they said the same thing in the fall of 2008, immediately before stocks crashed and lost over half their value.

In other words, the “crowd” always misses crucial changes in the markets, and they always ignore risks – even as those risks are practically screaming “danger!” At Secure Retirement we never follow the crowd when our research clearly indicates they are wrong. This allows us to spot asset bubbles before they crash, and we then sell before the losses occur in our clients’ accounts. It also allows us to see when markets have gone down enough so that they have become excellent bargains.

So while we do our own independent research, we do follow that small group of investors who have a proven track record of avoiding risk, delivering outstanding long-term profits, and have the intestinal fortitude to act on their knowledge.

About Richard

Richard began his financial services career as an advisor in the Monterey Bay region of California, where he used Efficient Set Theory to create and manage institutional investment portfolios.

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About Jeff

Jeff is a specialist in the field of retirement security planning, with over 30 years of experience in the financial services industry. A cornerstone of his philosophy is an emphasis on safe investing strategies.

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