About Secure Retirement

When Richard Morey founded Secure Retirement in 2002, his goal was to create an investment management company focused on one thing: protecting the hard-earned assets of successful middle-class people—no matter what problems strike the world economy and markets. Using his extensive background in risk control, Richard set out to build and manage a set of investment portfolios structured to rigorously protect each client’s retirement savings, while being poised to take advantage of opportunities to buy into growth-oriented markets when proces are depressed.

After more than a decade of applying Richard’s Investment Approach, we’re more confident than ever that this is the safest, most effective method to help secure and protect the assets entrusted to us by advisors and individual investors alike.

Secure Retirement is a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) and our management and advice is fee based rather than commission based. RIA’s are held to the fiduciary standard of care, meaning that we are legally bound to always act solely in the best interest of each client or give advice that provides the greatest benefit for the client. (This eliminates any “conflict of interest” that could arise.)

Although we work with numbers all day, we understand what those numbers represent. They are years of your hard work and saving. We have a relationship with our clients, not just numbers in an account. Much of your money will fuel monthly income, travel, family events, homes and many times an inheritance for loved ones or a charitable gift. As an investment advisor, we understand our mission very clearly; facilitate the growth and protection of the financial “fuel” needed to accomplish the priorities that are dear to you.

About Richard

Richard began his financial services career as an advisor in the Monterey Bay region of California, where he used Efficient Set Theory to create and manage institutional investment portfolios.

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About Jeff

Jeff is a specialist in the field of retirement security planning, with over 30 years of experience in the financial services industry. A cornerstone of his philosophy is an emphasis on safe investing strategies.

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