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The Opportunity

As a trusted financial advisor, your goal is to help every client achieve financial peace of mind—today, tomorrow, and throughout their retirement. That’s no easy task in today’s unpredictable market.


At Secure Retirement, we see this challenge as a very real opportunity to serve investors well, using a time-tested, research-based approach to protecting assets in all market circumstances—even in the face of yet another bear market.


A boutique asset manager, we can help you diversify your own business to protect client assets and your own livelihood. Designed to address the financial needs of successful middle-class investors, at this time our approach leverages an uncommonly low equity allocation, and we purchase stocks only when values are low. As a result, our portfolios are poised to help investors dramatically reduce risk, protect their valued savings, and keep their nest eggs intact. And to help you communicate this value with your clients, we provide monthly updates on our current approach in plain language that speaks to even your most novice investors.


Contact us today at (925) 855-4300 to learn about our personalized asset management services and how we can help you and your clients prepare for change and gain financial peace of mind.

Economic and Market Update

 August 2014

Where Should Interest Rates Be in 2014?

By Richard Morey

This month we’re going to focus on interest rates and the bond market. I usually begin with an analysis of the stock market, but that really hasn’t changed for some time and can be summarized in a few lines such as: The stock market is historically overpriced, in a weak domestic and world economy. In addition, geopolitical risks abound, and any of the political or economic problems confronting the world could be the spark that begins the next bear market for stocks. Perhaps most concerning for stocks is the fact they have gone up primarily because the Federal Reserve Board has been printing $4 trillion. But the Fed has decreased the amount they are printing from $85 billion to $25 billion a month and plans to stop completely in October. The stock market has been and remains on very thin ice.

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