As an independent Local boutique asset manager and investment adviser, Secure Retirement can provide the depth and consistency of relationship today’s investor needs and deserves. We focus on the needs of those wanting to eliminate the unnecessary risk inherent in most investment portfolios, especially for the money earmarked for retirement.

Economic and Market Update

“Many factors can cause intermittent increases in Treasury yields, but economic and inflation fundamentals are too weak for yields to remain elevated.
Therefore, the environment for holding long-term Treasury bond positions should be most favorable in 2015.”  Lacy Hunt, PhD

Read this month’s report, “How the Bond Market Really Works” to understand how and why bond prices move, and the types of bonds most attractive in today’s economy.


Investment Portfolios

At Secure Retirement, our view of a conservative investment product differs considerably from that of other asset managers. Many label their products as “conservative”, but their asset allocation and buying thresholds are certainly.

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Financial Education

Latest Publication


21st Century Retirement Solutions

21st Century Retirement Solutions provides information and tools for people who are anticipating financial issues such as longevity, risk to your lifestyle, family needs like survivorship, potentially large out of pocket healthcare expenses.

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About Richard

Richard began his financial services career as an advisor in the Monterey Bay region of California, where he used Efficient Set Theory to create and manage institutional investment portfolios.

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About Jeff

Jeff is a specialist in the field of retirement security planning, with over 30 years of experience in the financial services industry. A cornerstone of his philosophy is an emphasis on safe investing strategies.

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